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    • So, what is Mr Rove noted for, especially by the Democrats? It seems the biggest difference
      between what they complain about regarding Mr Rove and the activities of Mr Obama is for which side on which they strive.




    • One more on the speech. So look at the first two quoted pieces here
      . How can a person say those things in one speech and not be termed a deceitful liar? How can Democrats defend this man regarding this sort of dishonest? I really don’t understand it.

    • So, how did Mr Romney manage to pay 13% in taxes while making 20 millions? By donating 16% of his income
      to charity. Odd that both Mr Romney and Mr Buffet share the same opinion on the efficacy of government spending vs their own charitable contributions. Can we not pretend those of us who don’t make millions also
      share that same opinion about government efficiency vs our own charity?


    • So many crocodile tears
      . It strikes me as very false when lots of people suddenly “like” you, praise you, and talk about how wonderful you are when you’ve been affected by tragedy … and the never even noticed you prior to the event. Seems very fake to me.


    • 100% to 1000% yield
      ? Who thinks that’s a good idea? Seriously.




    • Monster
      ? I’d have thought coward the better term.

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