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  1. Bad parenting … this is not a good name for your child and choosing such a name is beyond despicable.
  2. Actually they’re not squirming and have no reason to … because if you read the actual transcript (about half way down the page) you’ll see what claimed as “birtherism” is just really poor yellow journalism. I’m sorry answering “I have no reason to think otherwise” to “Was Mr Obama born in the US” and responding to Mr Trump’s birtherism notions at dinner with “He’s the President of the United States. He’s elected. It’s a distractive issue” … if that’s birtherism Mr Schraub, you too are a birther for I daresay you couldn’t honestly answer any differently.
  3. Not getting the point of the Declaration of Independence.
  4. Occupy devolving? Devolution of sorts seems ineveitable as “occupying Wall Street” to protest injury done by the education establishment seems naive at best.
  5. More here.
  6. So the left (or at least broad swaths of it) is willing to put forth laws making “abortion for sex selection” illegal in several states now. A curious state for the pro-abortion crowd … to admit that some reasons for abortion might be beyond the pale. I wonder if they dream of slippery slopes?
  7. OOoooh, financial predictions shown graphically out to 2080!
  8. Yet another really bad historical revisionist movie.
  9. Finding consistency.
  10. Defense of the cubical.
  11. A cornerstone of western philosophy noted.

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