Good morning.

  1. Talking about abortion, alas starting with the regrettable Jarvis thing.
  2. Antisemitism (or not) of one of the three great church Fathers.
  3. Talking about Vinson. So is inactivity a commercial act? Are there any conceivable limits to Constitutional authority in the liberal view?
  4. And an application of inactivity and the law.
  5. And on that topic, Mr Obama’s campaign rhetoric returning to bite him.
  6. Are those the two legal alternatives, of which Mr Obama is not to follow choosing either?
  7. A water/land switch.
  8. Holding one’s heart aflame.
  9. America’s poor in context.
  10. Snow meets Plato.
  11. To counter the “snow a result of global warming nonsense.” 
  12. Payoffs and transparency.
  13. Multipliers and crowding.
  14. Humor meets the pizza.
  15. Meta-conceptual notions.
  16. Heh.

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