Good morning.

  1. The big race, and a look at the course.
  2. Moving product.
  3. Shooting’s too good for ’em
  4. One of the gentlemen notes two reasons why porn is bad for you. This as well, is not unrelated.
  5. That was my suggestion, back in the day.
  6. 47% pay no federal taxes?
  7. Animals without oxygen.
  8. More on the Obama assassination kerfuffle.
  9. Uhm, … in the East, Christian churches are domed and have always been so, Islam borrowed that from the Christians. 
  10. Coolness in nature untangled.
  11. Video.
  12. For the ladies in Pakistan.
  13. Post-Pascha let-down.
  14. Self reliance and healthcare.

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