1. Sugar and Ramadan, two things, which I wouldn’t have thought had anything to do with each other.\
  2. Poverty and the Arab world.
  3. Should one be wary of (faint?) praise of religion from the atheist crowd?
  4. Climate humor, heh.
  5. Cash for Clunkers … another whack at Detroit. So … did the Dems sell it that way?
  6. Some of the political healthcare problems for the left.
  7. Healthcare rationing.
  8. A Georgian shine (that’s be the other Georgia for the US readers).
  9. A Randian quote … and a not unrelated news item.
  10. Terror, torture, and George Smiley.
  11. If this comes to pass, who will ever vote for the left?
  12. Look at their clever choice for financial services, based of course not on any sordid political deals.
  13. Can we blame Kennedy?
  14. Evil. Here at home.
  15. Unfortunate side note for the hypothesis I tentatively rejected in my last night’s essay.
  16. As the President and “his minions” decry deceitful arguments from the right … they practice the same.
  17. Evangelicals dating.

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