1. Russia and the Ukraine moved in different directions post-communism. Why? Here’s one (Ukrainian) response.
  2. Terrorists in Russia.
  3. A clock (full disclosure: I have a non-Arduino based BCD clock on my desk at work).
  4. The left admits to dishonesty in the healthcare discussion. But, I can’t guess, which three?
  5. Consistency and the healthcare debate. Noting the above, I’m guessing the private option in the healthcare discussion is not what they really want.
  6. Grow your own.
  7. Continuing to read the bill.
  8. Working for the enemy in WWII.
  9. Obama’s inconsistent rhetoric on healthcare noted.
  10. Kennedy wants a “speedy replacement”. What? This cancer thing is new news to him?
  11. The TBS/BFoC-RUADH. Shooting books?
  12. 20% of birthers are Democrats, apparently.
  13. Mr Axelrod.
  14. Camera tech … or the HD of 50 years hence.
  15. Yet another broken promise. Silence from the left.

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