1. Humor and the healthcare discussion.
  2. For the google reader/firefox audience.
  3. Yes, law and society are entangled in a complicated dance.
  4. Abortion and public healthcare.
  5. Middle east and missile defense.
  6. A monk of the Sketis remembered.
  7. Pre-soviet Russia … some history.
  8. Advice for conservatives regarding public healthcare.
  9. Hmm, I’d counter that racism is a conservative thing inasmuch as it is a human and conservatives are human.
  10. Yet another liberal that needs to read the Petraeus COIN manual.
  11. Mr Obama says he wants to lower the abortion rate.
  12. Reflecting on Mr Obama’s Africa sojourn.
  13. Mr Obama and corn.
  14. But … does it have a name? How about Bob?
  15. Left/Right and a cultural comparison.
  16. At life’s end … the upside.
  17. Cricket races.
  18. Afghanistan.

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