Good morning.

  1. Civility and trade.
  2. Friday’s prediction. “worst aspects of market and socialism” Words … we will apparently now be living by.
  3. Adultery.
  4. Clinton in Russia regarding Iran.
  5. The coming healthcare battles … will only get worse.
  6. On hell.
  7. Of milk and meat and Christian education.
  8. Considering the Prayer of St. Ephrem.
  9. A forest and a highway.
  10. Yet another scientific study noted which discovers the obvious.
  11. Sarcasm in the wake of the healthcare passage. Or is it irony, I can never figure out what the difference between those two.
  12. Maybe that healthcare bill will lose its teeth.
  13. And it has to stand up in court as well.
  14. Imagine that, dishonesty from the President
  15. Darwin and teleology.

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