1. The freedom of letting go.
  2. Anti-semetic and philosemetic and some 19th century literature.
  3. There will be a second round. Jah, we knew that.
  4. Concerning a particularly useful invention.
  5. On SSM.
  6. Bitter-sweet customs.
  7. What is democracy … a global view.
  8. A ghastly city, perhaps that will put an end to romanticising the native American culture.
  9. An early road map.
  10. This sort of begs an important question. How do people think they can do climate prediction if solar output varys and we don’t understand how or why?
  11. He may “have a point”, just not the one you think he has. When you read, “The recent attacks by Republican leaders and their ideological fellow-travelers on the effort to reform the health-care system have been so misleading, so disingenuous, that they could only spring from a cynical effort to gain partisan political advantage. By poisoning the political well, they’ve given up any pretense of being the loyal opposition.” I think one could transplant objections and responses to objections over the Iraq war directly into this sentiment. Yet, I figure few on the left thought their objections were “cynical efforts to gain partisan political advantage”. There’s a lesson here.
  12. In that line of thought, an exercise for the left. Replace the words “Obama” with “Bush” in this article and what would be your response.
  13. If this idea becomes the norm, will publishing in a “reject” journal satisfy degree requirements?
  14. This notion on healthcare that everyone without insurance wants it that way is problematic.
  15. Where the left’s version of the birther inanity is showing up.
  16. Syriac study resources.
  17. Religion and Egypt.
  18. On Darwin and ideas.

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