Good morning.

  1. Healthcare, some glitches. Doctor shortages and a slight mistake/misreading
  2. 10-6, an accounting dodge or was it about putting unpopular legislation into a distant (deniable) election cycle?
  3. Anti-natalism discussed, I can’t think of any reason why anti-natalism is anything but really really dumb.
  4. One reason why that is so … life is good -> see?
  5. Coming together.
  6. Mothers day (today!).
  7. Being conservative, although citing 1950s isn’t helping the argument, that was over 2 generations ago.
  8. A street not named desire.
  9. Civil war.
  10. Furry teeth.
  11. For the Palin fans in the house.
  12. The upside of our stupid overcomplicated tax code … voter rage. Perhaps we should move the tax deadline and elections to coincide datewise.
  13. A password hint.

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