Busy busy.

  1. Woo. Nukes.
  2. And guns. More guns?
  3. LOL.
  4. Debt.
  5. And speaking of debt … someone around here was arguing that incentives to save have been on the rise. Whoops.
  6. Art and emotion.
  7. I hadn’t realized my younger daughter was so exceptional.
  8. The Nile and denial.
  9. Cypriot economics.
  10. An amazing algorithm for the unbreakable password.
  11. There’s two ways of looking at this alas. Anyone who centers their religion of any sort on Jesus of Nazareth belongs anthropologically speaking to a Christ cult, which in some circles are called Christian(s). However, Nicene confessing Christians commonly use the term Christian to mean Nicene confessing Christians, which a person who denies the Resurrection is not … and myself being a Nicene Christian agree, that failing to confess belief in the Nicene creed means … you’re out of the club.
  12. Democrats like to point out they are better educated and pretend to smarter than the conservatives across the aisle. How they do that, is sometimes quite amazing. Wow, dumb like that has to be practiced for generations I imagine.
  13. ghost slum?
  14. Just imagine how bad this would be in the absence of global warming, eh?
  15. News from Syria.
  16. Well, apparently nobody in the White House read Fault Lines.
  17. That STEM education. It always amuses me when politicians tout how we “need more STEM” students and squawk about needing to promote STEM. Uhm, so .. Mr Politician … tell me, why didn’t you get a degree in a STEM field, hmmmm?

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