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  1. Questioning a charge.
  2. Cinema exposing life.
  3. Queen Ketevan.
  4. Some wise words on chastity.
  5. Ephraim! (for those who don’t know, St. Ephraim is the Chrismation Saint I chose when I converted to Orthodoxy).
  6. Is Atheism a religion?
  7. A teachers manifesto.
  8. Lower and higher criticism and Islam.
  9. Populism, an attempt at a categorization.
  10. Trained parrot? Get with the times, that German precognitive octopus is far far better.
  11. Freedom and Mr Obama’s agenda.
  12. Prepare your encryption engines.
  13. A question in comparison.
  14. Mormon’s and the Christian question. Why can’t people get that right? It’s like its very complicated. At cultic level, Mormon’s and Nicene Christians are both Christ cults (both are cults in which Jesus of Nazareth is a primary element). The word “Christian” in common usage is commonly shorthand for Nicene Christians, i.e., Christian cultists that affirm that creed. Mormons do not belong to that group. So, are they Christian, technically yes in the cultic sense, but in common usage of the word, no. 
  15. A tech gadget for the ages.
  16. Not unrelated, and the Iliad is not on the list, so I am a bit put out.

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