1. Lancet and the mythical mass numbers of Obama donors.
  2. Our youth and infantilization.
  3. Another slippery slope … euthanasia slips to murder, two posts here and here.
  4. G20 signing our economic death warrants.
  5. The other April showers.
  6. Examining Fannie and Freddie.
  7. So … what will Mr Obama do?
  8. A man retires.
  9. Interesting infra-structure usage.
  10. More big brotherliness.
  11. Why so many cults in America?
  12. The death of a writer/translator noted.
  13. Mr Spencer not impressed by Harold Koh.
  14. Global warming perhaps?
  15. Considering miracles.
  16. Economics of and in Nazi Germany.

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