1. If you look past irrelevant political polemics … the puzzle is interesting.
  2. Russia and China.
  3. A satirical tale.
  4. Your government and its expenditures.
  5. Black or not was likely less relevant than the common shared Semitic heritage.
  6. Of science and message.
  7. Why Biden is (still) a bad choice for Iraq oversight. Although it becomes more and more clear that Biden is just plain a bad choice for basically everything.
  8. Obama’s NIH choice and ID.
  9. Watching Obmacare’s hope/change morph into same-old/same-old but just bigger and more repellent.
  10. Drones are interesting because they are less expensive … and some consequences.
  11. Veils.
  12. The motive behind capitalism.
  13. A map of death and despair.
  14. Russalka … a short film (and I might note also a Dvorak opera).
  15. A likely subtext of why the left is so enamoured of public healthcare options (but not one they want on the front burner).
  16. Left and right … blogging and linking.
  17. A libertarian fisks the President.
  18. On miracles and creation … for myself I think an awful lot of real miracles are very prosaic.

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