Thursday … and finally back home.

  1. ‘Cause profiling is just WRONG!
  2. Black. (me too)
  3. 21st century perceptions of the possible and Ezekiel.
  4. The short answer “no”, the long answer “it’s complicated”, the truth … well, he could kill it if he wanted to apparently he doesn’t so that “short answer = no” has a slight malfunction.
  5. The zero bound and the bank.
  6. polite protest.
  7. Acronym vs Kipling. I’ll go with the latter.
  8. Strong women don’t need muscles or guns.
  9. More background on Mr Zimmerman for the Zimmerman/Martin kerfuffle discussions.
  10. So, true or not? Did you see a better short video segment yesterday?
  11. An interesting point, the legal arguments are entirely disconnected from the non-legal ones.
  12. I think it’s the meta-ethical capture of the Left by Consequentialism.
  13. And when you add the high cost of tax collection … yikes.

Well, that should do for today. Have a good one y’all!

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