OK ok … a little late but better than not, eh?

  1. After 5 decades … that’s likely an import, eh?
  2. Mr Obama said regarding the Zimmerman trial …. “we are a nation of laws” , which I guess falls under the “do as I say not as I do” category.
  3. Oh, and the left (ignoring the fact that “stand your ground” was actually not part of the Zimmerman defense) thinks that this case is similar to the Zimmerman one … except that it isn’t apparently. The only actual parallel might be that this case and the Zimmerman one where both non-white on non-white violence.
  4. One more on the above … and seriously … if point 8 is a problem then we don’t need a new justice system, we need a new party representing the left-of-the-aisle.
  5. Improvements when your soldiers can innovate.
  6. Arwen and the Virgin.
  7. Overseas remarks on Mr Morsi and his ousting (Hat Tip).
  8. Irony and the EPA.
  9. For the silver screen viewer.
  10. When imminent domain (or the equivalent in China) doesn’t work
  11. This might be related.
  12. Wish I was there.
  13. Character. Kinda Romans 5:3 ish, eh?
  14. Big brother and the X-One.

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