My parents arrive this afternoon from New Jersey …. but in the meantime, links?

  1. The notion that the delay is about anything but votes is hard to imagine. Kinda like imagining an honest politician, eh?
  2. not impressed movie review.
  3. protest.
  4. I understand “it’s all about the bike” … but really … it isn’t. Speaking about “the bike”.
  5. Middle class and market democracy … chicken and egg.
  6. Those vanishing bears.
  7. Lighting tech and green energy.
  8. Tips for the ammo buyer.
  9. Some book suggestions for your summer reading. I should make a list like this.
  10. Oooh, someone say “open borders” … so they can be mocked for their stupidity.
  11. Where to follow the Zimmerman trial if you are so inclined.
  12. More climate model watching.
  13. Bones.

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