Good … well, whatever. Links?

  1. career suggested.
  2. Or … addicts don’t stop being addicted after public exposure . Surprise, well, not exactly.
  3. This brings to mind the science fiction-like novel I’be been plugging, in its consderation of hate. The novel Vita Nostra ultimately connects note hate but the conjunction of love and fear in the context of education.
  4. Irony in recent Obamacare moves, in which Mr Obama’s very likely Constitutional unilateral decision to not enforce a law is ratified by the House and a veto is threatened.
  5. Small mammal with impressive spine strength noted.
  6. Arrest? That seems extreme if was an emergency thing or in a very rural area.
  7. Pacifism and cinema.
  8. Grist for the “if he was a black man shooting a white one (hispanic?)” things would have turned out differently mill.
  9. He blinded me with science.
  10. Things to appall JSM.
  11. Ya think there’s some backstory/history going on behind there?
  12. Headline stating the obvious.
  13. Oh, he’s likely a racist, just not in the expected way.

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