Good morning.

  1. A painting.
  2. When you’re a generous billionaire that anti-Semitism isn’t noticed as much.
  3. Poverty and a photo-essay
  4. 9/11 and Muslim sensibility.
  5. And Park51 politics and financial shenanigans.
  6. Multi-tasking at its worst.
  7. The tightrope which the left will make sure no politician can every walk.
  8. Grist for the public education mill. It was recently remarked that all public education needs is to improve the student teacher ratio. This contradicts that and as well, I’ll note that at the meet-and-greet at my daughter’s High School last week the list of administrators to teachers was 4 pages to 8. For every two teachers there was one administrator … it seems to me that ratio needs to be worked on too if costs are to be contained. 
  9. And a teachers wish list.
  10. On faith and science.

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