Good morning.

  1. Parallels between US and Church doctrine.
  2. Which apparently confuses some people about what the term theocracy might mean.
  3. IMF considerations.
  4. Kids games.
  5. The news isn’t the 2:3 ratio its the small numbers.
  6. 60W equiv LED?
  7. $1T for what?
  8. TSA’s next hurdle.
  9. That Obama/PDF examination … the error? Attributing to malfeasance that which can be explained by incompetence. 
  10. Bulgaria and WWII genocide.
  11. I wonder if the picture requirements on tobacco products is Constitutional. If so, would this too be?
  12. Blowing whistles in the Obama mileu.
  13. Hmmm. No mention of the effects of extraordinary low interest rates on retirement.
  14. So that’s what school administrators are for.
  15. Return of the Soviets.

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