1. Part 2 on hiding in the networked world.
  2. Pharma and research/development trends.
  3. Engine hybridization and tech.
  4. How not to make an argument, that is start with a analogy which doesn’t reflect historically very well.
  5. Superman and a review.
  6. Celebrating an addiction shared by many.
  7. First comment says it all. Yikes.
  8. Ms Clinton does algebraic number theory? Oh wait, some other relative unknown person  … I’d have thought only Grigory would be identified by last name alone. Although I suspect “shmooze” is not a word you’d use in the context of the latter.
  9. On the blowing of the whistles.
  10. On the high court and the fifth Amendment.
  11. In the boys + toys department.
  12. Speaking of toys.
  13. Loneliness.
  14. There has been some pushback on GOP criticizing Mr Obama for using a water pistol, but when stuff like this done by Mr Obama’s supporters, that’s what you get.
  15. Video and violence.

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