Good morning.

  1. “Most gracious Sovereign Lady” … at first reading I thought that meant the Theotokos … but it’s not. The caps I think are what threw me.
  2. It was this lady in question, who at times is certainly one to be reckoned with.
  3. Sounds of battle in the information age.
  4. Giving the state more power, rarely a good idea.
  5. Talking economics, the gist of which is, I think, that economists are at long last recalling that these really low interest rates is not a good thing.
  6. Yikes. Oh, and from the same source … this is a really really [repeat for a  while] good idea.
  7. Queue the evil laughter.
  8. The same argument holds it seems.
  9. (Rich — or expense account equipped) Boys with toys.
  10. More toys here.
  11. Synthetics and the drug war.
  12. Speaking of which, the “medical marijuana” industry/movement just died. It just doesn’t know it yet.
  13. The first part of social charity, shut up and sit still.
  14. You can just feel the excitement … or not.

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