Good morning.

  1. Email is not private.
  2. Austrians on reserves.
  3. Puncturing Krugman on a silly claim of his.
  4. Not my daughters toys … which include some dolls, rockets, r/c planes and soldering kits. Coming up, … archery?
  5. Too big to fail, two posts of note … noted.
  6. “Released”, is bs. It’s already out.
  7. Tea party consequences?
  8. Restraint in the judiciary as a tactical error?
  9. Music for your day.
  10. Budget movement … is it for real? When or can we follow?
  11. 4 from Moscow.
  12. Orthodoxy in America as noted in the press.
  13. A study sure to roil the waters if validated.
  14. Reporting on religion and biases in the press noted.
  15. VAT.
  16. Our future.

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