Good morning.

  1. So, selling to oligarchs I guess. Seems to me the small town gun store in the US is slightly, err, more prosaic.
  2. Hayek and Obamacare.
  3. This brings up a (slightly) more serious question. Saltpeter, as every pirate knows, was fed by Captain Treach to his sailors as a anti-viagra agent so they would just get drunk in port and he could get his ship back out. The question is … if you favor the background check thing for guns … why do you not also favor background checks before guys could have saltpeter-free food so prevent rapes (which are far far far more common than the occasional mass shooter).
  4. Everybody’s seen videos of the near-to-Moscow meteor. If you haven’t, go here for 5.
  5. More attempts to tamper with your freedom of association.
  6. Yikes.
  7. Advertising.
  8. NYTimes and standards of reporting accuracy.

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