1. Advertising humor.
  2. On judging others.
  3. Something I need to read … but haven’t had time.
  4. Wooonderful climate news.
  5. Is the White House innumerate … or are they just hoping we are?  (and related from the same source … good stimulus ideas NOT!).
  6. The right applauds Mr Obama here and here.
  7. A false distinction on presidential fibbery.
  8. Strauss and Toqueville.
  9. On domestic violence.
  10. More on Ms Dunn’s Mao kerfuffle.
  11. The UK continues to not get the whole parent thing.
  12. Today’s economy and theory.
  13. Psychopath and fear.
  14. The next big (stupid) health care bill noted. Here too. And here.
  15. Now there’s a stupid cricket race. How many people outside the beltway have any clue about the lobby in question?
  16. Scuttling Mr Obama.

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