1. Yum.
  2. Noting Chesterton on the natural.
  3. Some suggestions on healthcare.
  4. Hands and the unpaved road one hath trod.
  5. This cricket race will be discussed in the next few days.
  6. While the end-of-life notions in the current healthcare bill have been misrepresented by left and right … the two points made here are important to remember.
  7. Copts in the beltway.
  8. Continuing to slog through the bill … and some further suggestions for the WH here.
  9. Examining words Mr Obama offered in Moscow … and some of his actions.
  10. Liberal and conservative … and conversion of the former to the latter.
  11. Pre-historic/pre-human flight controls?
  12. And where does one place confession?
  13. Band of brothers … and the Pacific war.
  14. Children on the street in the Ukraine.
  15. How will (did?) they finagle keeping Congressional names out of that list.
  16. A young doctor and single payer.
  17. Awaiting a defense of government overreach from the left.

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