Good morning. So, what do y’all prefer, normal (~ a sentence or fragment), brief (one-two words), or extended comments with my links? Or should I more regularly mix it up?

  1. CZ factory. I noted before I’m thinking of picking up a 9mm pistol … some reviews put the CZ and Bereta at the top of their list.
  2. Purple. Not purple
  3. Unhappy with a former President, noted here and here. “Unhappy” may be putting it a bit mildly.
  4. Praise for a former President.
  5. A faith journey.
  6. Touch the sky.
  7. A prediction on the future of liberalism
  8. Our current President and relations with the press.
  9. Environment or redistribution?
  10. About them big oil profits.
  11. Smash! Bang! Booom!
  12. Are you too amazed CBS would play this?
  13. SpaceX and its future.
  14. One perspective on the Catholic position on contraception and abortion.

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