Well, holiday hiatus is over. Links?

  1. Modern edukashun.
  2. Economics and a clash of narratives.
  3. Considering boots on ground.
  4. Seeking to emulate the Norks.
  5. Two sides of a question here and here.
  6. Democrats moving to tea party sympathies?
  7. The problem with the disillusionment is that it is accompanied by some notion that this outcome isn’t a design flaw.
  8. No. Russia using drones isn’t the problem with “drones aren’t an act of war?” It’s Iran, or other non-state actors following that lead.
  9. Damned lies.
  10. OWS and a social psychology view. (tip of the hat).
  11. Retail litmus test.
  12. The meaning of a word: political.
  13. “Selling like hotcakes” … have you seen any evidence of booming growth of, say, IHOP? Me neither. Perhaps he really meant what he said.
  14. It means “return of Zune.”
  15. A poster. Ride that bike dude!

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