Good morning.

  1. Bubbles in liquid going down.
  2. “On this date”,  remembered (more here).
  3. Wisconsin noted, here and here.
  4. Google and its decisions.
  5. So, is that the central difference between right and left?
  6. In a sane world, “connections to Penn State” would be a bad thing for Mr Sandusky, not a good one.
  7. The media tries a strained analogy.
  8. So was this move Consitutional? And was it a good/bad idea? Are those two related in any way?
  9. How not to make an argument, that has to be the worlds worst argument against single sex schools ever. Point one is irrelevant, point two is a good argument for not against, and point three is quickly rebutted by the poster. Whoops.
  10. A good monopoly, … mostly good? Good or not?
  11. Misunderestimating the tendency of writers to invent words?
  12. Secret is secret … unless some small political fallout might be in their favor.
  13. Biden … taking stupid to new heights every day. Seriously, do you want a pony too?

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