Good morning.

  1. Rolling up Europe (and psy-ops in general and Iraq).
  2. Ferdinand, a outraged (outrageous?) Serb and us.
  3. What the high court won’t hear (and why it matters).
  4. She’d be one who might know.
  5. China … and the US … and Taiwan.
  6. Reading Scripture the rong weigh.
  7. Ugly girls have all the fun, in which “fun” alas means not going to jail.
  8. Solyndra as VC (Venture Capitalism). You know … if you’re going to make the VC argument a VC investor typically invests in 10-20 things cutting losses intelligently banking on one of them being a home run. If you’re going to make the WH as VC argument, show us the intelligent pruning and the home runs. Otherwise stop making that claim.
  9. On the the same topic (Solyndra) the White House strategy of lie lie lie remains intact however.
  10. Slipping free.
  11. Seeking the mythical utilitarian who, erhm, isn’t a psychopath.
  12. Fast food is not cheap.
  13. Ms Clinton re-writes history for her convenience.
  14. The problem with lying when there is a clear and present paper trail.

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