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  1. Protestant and the Theotokos.
  2. See, for liberals … whose motivations are unquestionably (unlike conservatives) in the right place, laws are kinda like guidelines, so who needs careful guidelines anyhow?
  3. If you have time … Fast and Furious explained.  While somebody didn’t do their homework at all.
  4. So was the President involved in Fast and Furious … or is he lying (a point missed by the cartoonist)? Executive privilege invocation is there to protect conversations between the President and his advisers.  So either he was involved and is invoking this correctly (which in turn is not such a good thing) or he’s dishonestly invoking the privilege.
  5. But we know he tells lies (big ones too getting “4 Pinocchio’s” ) … so … believe what you will.
  6. Uruguay makes a move.
  7. Why does motivated reasoning always affect the “other guy”. It’s “you are affected” not “we are affected”.
  8. A reminder why an elephant is a mouse to government specs in the context of the new Obama DREAM directive.
  9. Our network of premises.
  10. Zooom.
  11. Pretend to be gay or Christian akin to the Turing test.

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