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  1. Executive privilege and flip flops. Soon we’ll see Mr Obama’s remarks on Mr Bush’s use of privilege I suspect. Interesting to watch defenders of Mr Bush’s use of this now attack Mr Obama and vice versa. A pox on all your houses.
  2. Like that noted here.
  3. So … has Mr Obama said he is involved in the Fast/Furious programme by his words that is what it would take to involve executive privilege.
  4. Faint praise for Mr Obama.
  5. Never fear, the left won’t hear you … that’s a message they’ve conditioned themselves to not hear.
  6. It is not however on account of epistemic closure, a term misused widely. Now that you know what epistemic closure actually is, we can all stop misusing the term.
  7. Exegesis and the detective narrative.
  8. Technical know-how and the US.
  9. Basic education and college costs.
  10. Intelligent TSA screening … hmm.
  11. And computers are relatively simple … but make a good argument about central planning.
  12. Praising the hybrid, and missing the points of why the don’t “kick ass”, which is that hybridization of vehicles only pays if they are already far too heavy (you get less and less payback from hybridizing as the vehicle gets lighter).
  13. On religious freedom

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