Good morning.

  1. So, Mr Obama has some magical mythical pathway to a nuclear weapon free world, … how’s this fit in?
  2. Cantor ism?.
  3. It is very likely, alas, that the criteria used by liberals which judge most of the GOP as racist, tar your hero such as well.
  4. Epistemic closure and some symptoms.
  5. A reminder for the POTUS state-of-the-onion speech.
  6. When a thing which isn’t happening is discussed over whether that’s a problem.
  7. Ya think?
  8. drone discussion.
  9. Drones here too.
  10. Why? What is simpler than cui bono?
  11. Jackboots next?

Western and Eastern Easter/Pascha calendars are very far off this year (Eastern Lent begins at sunset on March 10) … I wish the best for everyone who begins their Lenten fast tomorrow, may your journey be fruitful.

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