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  1. Well, I had PBJ today because it’s Wednesday (normal time Wed/Fri fast) .. Lent doesn’t start for me until Cheesefare on the evening of March 10.  So … why does the East begin Lent on a Monday and the West on a Wednesday and both count 40 days to Pascha/Easter. Well, because the West doesn’t count Sundays as part of Lent but the East does … but the East doesn’t count Holy week as part of Lent. Got it? What I forget is whether the East includes Lazarus Saturday (before Palm Sunday) as part of Lent or not … and one might note that the Lenten fast for the Orthodox continues (of course) through Holy Week.
  2. Fer the Ms Palin fans.
  3. Doctor or not … for myself I could not really care less if you call me Mr or Dr (and yes, I do have a PhD thing in Physics)
  4. That Chicago way.
  5. Awe noted. Hmm, anything like the Psalmist noted the fear of God as the beginning of wisdom? How much modern man has learned, eh?
  6. Fear or the lack thereof.
  7. Notes for future gang wars.
  8. Shame and armor.
  9. So, why on earth does our President think the “middle class” has any relevance to the minimum wage? And that’s an interesting take on min-wage, not as a wage limiter but a productivity minimum.
  10. Debunking (most of) some silliness around the alleged dearth of geniuses.
  11. What you don’t want to see in the morning when you go out to your car.
  12. Demographic shifts that you don’t hear much about.
  13. So much fun might be had coming up with geekish instead of macho handles, so Maverick  and Goose becomes pocket protector-ized and pencil-necked?
  14. What will be needed for when revolution hits.
  15. Duh. Truth to power becomes Stating the obvious to power.

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