Good morning.

  1. The President’s 2nd Amendment remarks noted.
  2. Education and results.
  3. Rotten to the core.
  4. So, what is liturgy?
  5. And speaking of churchly things, how about why Lent?
  6. Zeitgeist = angst?
  7. Whatever your notion of abortion and birth control, uhm, any sane view of goverment as limited puts this as a thing government should not pay for or do.
  8. Speaking of ethical dilemmas … here’s one for ya.
  9. Let’s see we have a President who in school specifically notes that he sought out Communist and Socialist teachers … seems to me the speaker is wrong, Mr Obama called himself that first.
  10. Some more discussion of raising the minimum productivity floor. When I asked for explanation how the President feels this is a “middle class” offering … I got nada. Gosh, that’s a surprise.

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