1. In vino veritas … for the fixie fan.
  2. Two interpretations of Ms Clinton’s umbrella, here and here. Neither of course are on the charts for Mr Obama’s mythical path to a nuclear weapon free world.
  3. A “read the bill” response.
  4. Does Mr Obama has the wrong map to the Middle East (HT: Mr Lozowick)?
  5. And, on the subject of maps … an odd one.
  6. Ms Delsol in Unlearned Lessons would counter, I’d offer, that the large (failed) experiments of Fascism and Communism have similar roots, contrary to this suggestion.
  7. Mr Obama’s foreign policy as a Bush third term.
  8. Of violence and unions. I’d note that being “founded in violence” is not necessarily a bad thing … so were virtually all nation states.
  9. Speaking of violence … art?
  10. Did he really compare mandated car insurance to health coverage? Where’d the no-fault analogy come in?
  11. How to really distance yourself from a the “buck stops here” Presidency … that is to say whining.
  12. So … “doff your galoshes and into the breach one more time”, err, I think Shakespeare put it a little more fluently.
  13. I do like that phrase, coining the present as “at the edge of Tradition.”
  14. An endorsement … lost.

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