Good morning.

  1. It’s not Obama’s “Katrina” (in the sense of an egregious display of federal incompetence)  … it’s worse.
  2. Blind no more. Dumb?
  3. Heathcare and cost. This is not unrelated.
  4. I can’t imagine why that would be blasphemous.
  5. Life continues to imitate The Princess Bride, in the “I don’t think that word means what you think it does” way.
  6. Enron economist dissed.
  7. Irony in smoke.
  8. How to replace an statute ruled un-Constitutional with another. This is not unrelated.
  9. Ireland.
  10. The Doctor is in.
  11. Genes and insurance.
  12. That other place is called, “not good.” 
  13. Computers and kids.

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