OK then.

  1. Better late than never (… is that Shakespeare too?).
  2. Journalism, moving into used car salesman and politician territory.
  3. Flap flap.
  4. Police misconduct (or not) and the Bill of Rights.
  5. lot more impressive 3d printing project than crappy single shot pistols.
  6. Sorry, I’d agree most of the time it isn’t a disease.
  7. Virtue.
  8. Not getting the dilemma here.
  9. Failure modes will be so incredibly impressive … which is just one more reason to build it, eh?
  10. Pride of place is a common trait, lots of southerners have conflicted feelings about the Civil War. So what?
  11. I’ll bet Mr Begin had no public criticism of Ms Clinton’s Senate run. Hmm.
  12. Faith, prison and healing.
  13. A progression, which follows alongside a reduction in gun violence nationwide during the same period.
  14. The world and abortion.
  15. cool toy.
  16. Yikes or idiots abounding.

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