Woo Hoo! I’m back.

  1. Cool … because they are rare, perhaps in a post-WW-II northern Europe?
  2. Now the left will get to disavow Mr Silver.
  3. Silliness north of the border.
  4. Treaties can do that? And … hierarchy and the Constitution.
  5. Occasionally we need to actually overcome that temptation, that’s the rub.
  6. I wonder if there is a reasoned argument against chivalry and good manners.
  7. Mr Morsi forgets evolution puts him in the same bucket.
  8. How liberal or moderate?
  9. Rhetoric examined. And what the President doesn’t want you to do, he wants it the other way round.
  10. Dan Simmons (in his Illium/Olympus books) argued that androids were in Homer’s Iliad. Hephaestus constructed them to assist him.
  11. Ethics meets economics … or does it?
  12. Perhaps a better start for a discussion about dignity and human life than abortion.
  13. Predictions.
  14. Drugs in the modern world.

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