Good morning. Have a happy election day, y’all. And no, your vote doesn’t matter, what you are doing is a liturgical communal act validating righteousness of the electoral process.

  1. Here’s a prediction from the right what will happen if they lose. Has anyone seen similar predictions from the left?
  2. Today we vote, our democratic ritual. About rituals and religion you ask? Here, try this.
  3. 10 symmetries. 10 conserved quantities.
  4. A house which says a lot about property values (and … not having kids?)
  5. People who say “there are no stupid questions” … never attended lectures, but in the meantime
  6. Politicians and their lies.
  7. A political scientist offers his two cents.
  8. Health and a Fields Medal winner.
  9. Speaking of health.
  10. book recommended. I bought a copy.
  11. Today the WSJ opinion section has an article pointing out that Dodd-Frank encourages moving high finance overseas … which is interesting in conjunction with this. There’s lots of talk about “unintended consequences” … what is largely ignored are the easy-to-anticipate consequences like these.
  12. The auto bailout.
  13. Mr Krugman jousts with straw men, but not unnoticed by all.
  14. I can’t anticipate any problems with using open unsecured unverifiable mechanisms for voting. Can you?

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