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  1. A summary of the second paragraph, the naive dreamers favor Mr Obama, realists favor Mr Romney.
  2. Genesis and Sodom … the message (hint: not about sex).
  3. Special you are not.
  4. Unstealthy ninja.
  5. In the strange world of the left, ability to pay is affirmative action.
  6. Not Mr Zimmerman and a different court case.
  7. Some more thoughts on the Zimmerman case.
  8. Good news or not?
  9. The black underbelly of the auto bailout, that it wasn’t an auto bailout.
  10. Well, there is still a chance the Court will kill it.
  11. Cinema.
  12. Marching alongside Obamacare … more nanny state. Yankee self-reliance is dead apparently.

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