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  1. A counter example for the “there are no stupid questions” hypothesis.
  2. passing noted.
  3. Academic bigotry on display.
  4. Flaming taillights … somebody needs to make that a feature not a bug.
  5. Advice for those doing civil patrols or community watch services.
  6. Lewis Carroll and CEO publicity statements.
  7. Chutzpah defined.

All about the continuing Zimmerman kerfuffle, post verdict.

  1. You can be amused by Mr Obama’s upside down metaphor (stop the tide of gun violence) … which gets it exactly backwards. You don’t want to stop a tide when it’s going the way you want, and gun violence has been dropping for two decades, i.e., the tide is receding. Apparently Mr Obama is either unaware of that or wants more violence (more stupid or evil … pick one).
  2. The Congo-Somali problem, that is that which gets press isn’t the matters which more deserve the same.
  3. Grist for the discussion.
  4. What would have happened if? Well, you wouldn’t have the President trying to influence the case to the prosecution, nor the State of Florida switching to one of their top prosecutor teams, and so on.
  5. And when what you know about Public defenders comes from Law and Order … keep quiet.
  6. Some technical notes on self defense law.

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