Belated … (because alas, I overslept a bit but then my controller failed so I’m dead in the water on this startup … so … I’m working today in a hotel)

  1. How about dueling? And accountability and honor?
  2. Wink to Wynk.
  3. Single (and not whining).
  4. Freedom of speech.
  5. I see it’s “fees” on the middle class … that’s not raising taxes, no no no. What it really is lying by semantics.
  6. Where a little research might have gone a long way.
  7. Yet another legal challenge for Obamacare.
  8. So, in asking whether parody is necessarily parasitical (that is can it stand on its own) … how about Sewer, Electric and Gas … does one have to have familiarity with Mr Rand to appreciate the parody?
  9. How you can tell when you’re a government monopoly.
  10. A predicted effect fails to show … but remember the science is unquestion(able?). I recall asking a commentor who accepts Anthro-origins of climate change … for successful predictions by climatologists made in the past … and got no response. That seems a crucial lapse.
  11. Looking at the Philippines.

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