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  1. Is there a word for this? Starting an argument on a faulty premise and running from there. “If we don’t raise the debt limit” spending will have to be cut. It doesn’t follow however that interest payments are the first spending items to be cut. Unless apparently, you are a Democrat.
  2. Statistics and the Law.
  3. Marriage as lilfestyle.
  4. Well, to be honest I’m mostly linking this so I don’t lose it and can go back to it.
  5. Democrats are for voter fraud because they think there should be 0 barriers to vote … as if that some how leads to a more informed electorate.
  6. Here’s a conversation starter for the Casey Anderson kerfuffle. I don’t know right now how I’d react regarding my children. 
  7. Why we (developers) despise Microsoft and Apple.
  8. Tree of Life, anti-Semetic (and is that Jewish=Semitic or Middle East = Semitic) and another review here.
  9. Mr Libby and Fast/Furious.
  10. Why? Because “smart” doesn’t mean what it used to.
  11. Speaking of the whole assumptions going into Medicaid and its expansion. Examine the premises.
  12. Narrative is fundamentally conservative?
  13. eMPG, I think the fundamental problem with eMPG ratings is it ignores the 30% efficiency loss in generating electricity.

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