Good morning.

  1. Tone deaf atheists.
  2. So, on the debt … the big Democrat non-negotiable item … the ball had to be kicked down the road past the elections. Now, outside of the beltway, I’m curious if any Democrats agree that was the primary thing. I’m betting not so much.
  3. At least for a week or so we can avoid media fraud (well, it’s a hope … if somewhat over-optimistic).
  4. Summer heat is relative.
  5. Doing calculus is harder than you thought …. oh, wait they’re not doing calculus.
  6. For those who haven’t figured out that government spending is a divisor not a mulitplier.
  7. But of course the government has more effective ways of stomping out businesses.
  8. I too used to drink it hot (not grape though) and really only when camping.
  9. Battleships and hollywood.
  10. Survivalism and some broken premises.

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