1. A new release of a Psalter to look for.
  2. Manufacture, a behind the scenes look at making USB flash drives.
  3. Two posts on housing prices here and here.
  4. On returning to “9/10” mentality … bit by bit.
  5. Unimpressed by a bike plug. The maxim quoted, “Strong, light, cheap … pick two” is just a variant of the engineering maxim, “Good, Fast, Cheap pick two” (fast as in quick design/delivery).
  6. Healtcare is, yes, not a right.
  7. A putative book list. What would you suggest?
  8. Quoting Carville from the right. Every time Carville’s name comes up, fair or not, I recall him in a defense of Mr Clinton on PBS in reference to Ms Jones remarked, “See what you get when you trawl through a trailer park dangling a $20 bill.” Which, of course, begs the question why the President was using 20s to trawl in trailer parks (and yes, I know that wasn’t his intended meaning … just the one that I caught first and which stuck).
  9. Vanting to suck your blooood.
  10. Wondering whence the critics of Mr Bush’s religious ties from the left have gone.
  11. On the wicked servant, from a man with a way with words.
  12. Blending spirit with therapy.
  13. The contemporary Ernie Pyle, released from UK embedding, why?
  14. Pointing out Mr Krugman’s deception.
  15. And disparities in drug use … not mentioned so much.
  16. That union label and payback.
  17. A plug for early (not teenage) marriage.

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