Well, I’ve got a long drive this morning … so it’ll have to be quick.

  1. Some synchronicity noted: Such as when “you are” and “u” “r” convolve which is not unrelated to this.
  2. All-you-can eat (two thoughts … all-you-can-eat does (and should not) mean eat-all-you-can … it’s not healthy and that in turn is the answer to the posters question). But this in turn is not unrelated to this.
  3. For those unconvinced that the NYTimes isn’t batting for just one side in the elections.
  4. Political authority and real authority are not the same thing.
  5. If you consider where grant money comes from … would this spell the end of the journal? And is that a bad thing?
  6. Democrats firmly behind big corn conglomerates. Money well spent apparently.
  7. The election and the South this is on the same point.
  8. Some suggestions for graduation improvements.
  9. Apparently liberals (a) de-bias issues at the high court uniformly, i.e., when the case is one they want in front of the court and (b) are unaware that cases that come before the court arise not from the court vetting laws that Congress passes, but depend instead on people filing suit who are not members of the same court.
  10. 2 more million of the forgotten-if-not-Jewish victims of WWII genocide.

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