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  1. Lithuania and demographics (linked from here).
  2. Attention span problems? Advice here.
  3. A book suggestion.
  4. In the Obamacare bill.
  5. Spanking.
  6. Technically speaking Islam is a cult … Cult as defined means:¬†followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices.
  7. Elections in the land of the not very free at all.
  8. I’ve seen liberals asking in numerous¬†occasion, “How would the right react if there was a Black Tea Party movement.” How about, with strong affirmation?
  9. Mixed signals in high school.
  10. Savings … well, to be honest the current environment is sending a strong message not to save. Ever heard of low interest rates?
  11. Obama lied? Say it ain’t so.
  12. Discussing Academia.

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