Good, mid-morning.

  1. Black is the new black.
  2. Economics and our regrettable President.
  3. Cinema.
  4. Red meat and wine … instead of chips, dogs, and beer.
  5. Some Kipling for ya.
  6. On the Satanic verses.
  7. Not micro-brewery, but micro-foundry?
  8. WW-II plan meets the SA-7.
  9. Why global warming became climate change.
  10. A new type of vehicle.
  11. Silly man … raising the percentage makes it worse (for your side). But no, I don’t find it credible that 94% of the population gets more than it gives to the feds (especially when most of the middle is paying almost 30% to them).
  12. So, was that the plan?
  13. Color us unsurprised.
  14. When in Rome.
  15. Smells bad.

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