Good morning. Well, yesterday I was driving to and from a job site … and then I got busy. Ah well.

  1. Deceit, war and trust.
  2. Homophobia recognized “officially” as a meaningless word.
  3. The missing why? or not?
  4. Oooh, liberal bigot finds a home. This certainly identifies as “you are that of which you speak” very well.
  5. Of abortion, information access and trisonomy 21.
  6. So, higher taxes on the rich will make barely a ripple of difference in the deficit, so why is it important?
  7. Heh.
  8. Here’s the dumbest post on the net in a long while. “Thanks?” Seriously … that’s your flowchart? Let’s see “Yah, honey … I got the flowchart and followed it … I’m getting Suzy a quart of Schnapps and a chainsaw, for Billy a carton of cigars and a bag of Vicodin, and a 12 gauge and a basket of shells for little Sammy. It’s all OK on your chart right?” Alas, that would be fine according to Mz Jender. I’m hazarding a guess that the author of that chart isn’t actually a parent.
  9. Better than that aforementioned 12 gauge perhaps. In which better means better, not better suited.
  10. Not exactly PEDs … (note googling indicates actual studies show small performance gains for endurance athletes above 12,000 feet … which includes basically no baseball, football or body sculptors on the planet …. on the other hand it does lead to lots of good bad football jokes).
  11. Student loans and Duff beer.
  12. An amazing “do not assume” sentence.
  13. Star Wars “force”  … not a religion. Sorry.
  14. OK then.
  15. State department amateur hour continues.
  16. Racism and Ms Rice.
  17. Some prayers for ya to use (or try).
  18. Actually most SCADA systems installed that I’ve seen depend on the intra-net security, i.e., VPN layer is the security. One of the best is a PPP via dial up modem with the modem turned off by the plant when they don’t need support. It’s really really hard to remotely hack through a modem that’s turned off.
  19. Oh shush. Really. Shush.

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